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This book is the newest iteration of a project that began way back in the Fall of 2006. This book was written, read, and studied by Undergraduate college students enrolled in their first education course. We hope you enjoy the new content and the creative ways in which that content is presented.

Collection Resources

1: Educator as a Professional

2: Educational Philosophy

3: History of Education

4: Educational Reform

5: Diversity - Classroom Practices and Law

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6: Sociological Influences- Economics and Culture

7: School Organization

8: Curriculum

9: Effective Schools

10: Effective Teaching

11: Classroom Management

12: Ethics and Law

13: Technology

14: Instructional Assessment- Involving Students in the Assessment Process

15: Instructional Assessment-Grading

16: Instructional Assessment- Performance Assessment and Rubrics

17: Instructional Assessment- Assessment Strategies

18: Instructional Assessment - Standardized Testing

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