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Accessibility Status:Requires Alternative Activity

This activity is not usable by some users.

Important Reminders

This activity is not accessible with screen reading software like JAWS and NVDA.  The drag and drop functionality works fairly well with keyboard navigation if screen reading software is not running.  The main accessibility failures occur when the activity is attempted with screen reading software.  H5P developers reported that the bug creating the accessibility barrier with the Drag the Words and screen reading software was identified in October 2019.  Until this major accessibility failure is corrected and the activity type reevaluated for accessibility conformance, the Drag the Words H5P activity type is not recommended for use.

Additionally, draggable text that is longer than 17 characters is partially obscured after the text is dropped.  To view longer text after it has been dropped, users must reset the dropped text. 

The activity may be usable if an accessible list of the content associated with each drop zone is included for users of screen reading software.  Use best practices for content authoring, including:

  • add a correctly structured heading at the beginning of the activity
  • include instructions for questions at the beginning of the activity
  • keep draggable text short, no more than 17 characters. 

Users who require better color contrast may require an alternative version of the activity.

Users of screen reading software may require an alternative version of the activity.

Visible Indication of Focus

The activity buttons, draggable items, and drop zones have a visible indication of focus.

Color Contrast

The visible indication of focus does not have good contrast.  Drop zones do not have good color contrast.  Users who require better color contrast may require an alternative version of the activity.  The visible indication of focus is a thin black line.  Users who require a visible indication of focus with more contrast may use assistive technology.

Keyboard Usability

The activity is usable with the keyboard.

No Keyboard Traps

There are no keyboard traps.


The activity supports both magnification up to 200% and reflow of content with magnification up to 400% without a loss of content or functionality and without requiring horizontal scrolling.

Usability with Screen Reading Software

Use best practices for content authoring so that the activity may be usable with screen reading software.  Many users of screen reading software will have difficulty using the activity if the drop zones are anywhere except the beginning or end of the sentences or statements, or if the draggable items are not single words.  With Windows, the activity may be more usable with NVDA screen reading software than with JAWS screen reading software.  Content authors must not use tips for the drop zones because it makes the reading order of the content less logical.

About this Content Type

Drag the Words (or "Drag Text") is a question type allowing creatives to create text based challenges where users are to drag words into blanks in sentences. Excellent for language training among other things.

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