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Accessibility Status:Usable with Workarounds

The activity requires significant adjustments by content authors.

Important Reminders

H5P does not provide an option to include a correctly structured heading at the beginning of each card or as part of the Summary.  When using Repetition Mode, provide instructions for users describing the number of attempts users will have to master the content, the purpose of the Next button after an attempt, and the structure of the Summary.

Use workarounds and best practices for content authoring, including:

  • Add a correctly structured heading before the activity on the page outside of the H5P content
  • Add alt-text descriptions up to 150 characters for meaningful images
  • Use good color contrast for meaningful visual information in images
  • Include a text version of the meaningful audio-only content
  • Provide instructions for users of screen reading software that the main content on the card begins with a graphic
  • When using Repetition Mode, enable Allow quick progression.

Users who require magnification up to 400% may need to be provided with an alternative activity if Repetition Mode is used.

Visible Indication of Focus

The activity buttons have a visible indication of focus.

Color Contrast

The visible indication of focus has good contrast.  The visible indication of focus is a thin black line.  Users who require a visible indication of focus with more contrast may use assistive technology.

Keyboard Usability

The activity is usable with the keyboard.

No Keyboard Traps

There are no keyboard traps.


Content magnifies up to 200% using browser settings without loss of content or functionality.  If Repetition Mode is enabled, the correct and incorrect button text overlaps when magnified up to 400%.

An alternative version of the activity should be included that supports magnification up to 400% without requiring horizontal scrolling to view content and interact with content.

Usability with Screen Reading Software

The activity is usable with screen reading software.  If Repetition Mode is enabled, H5P does not indicate that the I got it right and the I got it wrong buttons are disabled on the card fronts.  The H5P Label for card text and Label for card back Text overrides and translations for the Dialog Cards is not announced by screen reading software.  Users of screen reading software may not be able to tell which side of the card they are viewing.  Provide instructions to users of screen reading software that the card front has the Play audio button and the card back does not have the Play audio button.

About this Content Type

Dialog Cards is a content type that allows authors to create interactive cards that can include image, text, and/or audio - and an answer that would be shown when the user "turns" the card over.

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