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Accessibility Status:Usable with Best Practices

The activity requires minimal adjustments by content authors.

Important Reminders

Use best practices for content authoring, including:

  • Add a correctly structured heading at the beginning of the activity
  • Use good color contrast for meaningful visual information in images
  • Do not use the Overall solution word option.

In Text overrides and translations, for the Crossword grid description, include, "Crossword grid. Use arrow keys to navigate and the keyboard to enter characters. Or navigate with Tab to type the answers in fill in the blank style fields instead of the grid."

Visible Indication of Focus

The activity buttons and form fields have a visible indication of focus.

Color Contrast

The color contrast of meaningful visual elements and text with backgrounds must be ensured manually by the content author.

Keyboard Usability

The activity is usable with the keyboard.

No Keyboard Traps

There are no keyboard traps.


Content magnifies up to 200% using browser settings without loss of content or functionality.  The crossword does not magnify up to 400%, but the fill in the blank style option to use the activity does magnify up to 400% and does not require horizontal scrolling.

Usability with Screen Reading Software

The activity is usable with screen reading software.

About this Content Type

Crosswords is a content type that allows authors to a crossword puzzles from a set of words and clues.

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