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Accessibility Status:Usable with Workarounds

The activity requires significant adjustments by content authors.

Important Reminders

Content authors should review the specific usability level and content authoring requirements of an H5P activity before including that type of H5P activity in the course presentation activity.

Options for H5P activities that may be usable within the column activity include Fill in the Blanks, True or False, Multiple Choice, and Summary.

The activity may be more usable if:

  • Slide content is added in the order it should be read
  • Slides include a heading level 2 at the beginning of each slide
  • Slide content is not set to auto-play
  • When Active Surface Mode is used, users are provided with instructions about navigating the activity with the keyboard or with screen reading software
  • Best practices for content authoring are used for course presentation elements, such as ensuring good color contrast and including alt-text descriptions for meaningful images.

Visible Indication of Focus

The course presentation canvas does not have a visible indication of focus.

Color Contrast

The visible indication of focus does not have good contrast.  The visible indication of focus for elements on the slides and the slide controls is not good.  Users who require a visible indication of focus with more contrast may use assistive technology.  The color contrast of meaningful visual elements and text with backgrounds must be ensured manually by the content author.

Keyboard Usability

The activity is usable with the keyboard.  However, it is difficult to use the arrow keys to navigate the slides from the presentation canvas because there is no visible indication of focus on the presentation canvas.  Users who require a visible indication of focus may use assistive technology.  

No Keyboard Traps

There are no keyboard traps.


The activity supports both magnification up to 200% and reflow of content with magnification up to 400% without a loss of content or functionality and without requiring horizontal scrolling.

Usability with Screen Reading Software

The usability with screen reading software depends on the content, the order content is added to the slides, as well as the H5P activities added to the course presentation slides.

About this Content Type

Course Presentation is content type which allows authors to slideshow presentations (like PowerPoint) which can include many different types of content within the slide, including: questions types, text, or media types.

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